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  • Lisa Blair, M.A.

Therapy Under Five: Sharing Feelings & Feeling Misunderstood

Here's my first video in a new video series I'm calling "Therapy Under Five." In each video I'll be reading a question that I've received from a client or other person and offer some of my thoughts from a process-oriented or depth-oriented perspective. It will take some adjusting for me to get comfortable with this new format, but I'm excited to try it! I'm used to writing blog posts (and I will continue to) where I give myself lots of time to think through my thoughts entirely as well as edit my words over several drafts. However with these videos I'm giving myself only (about) 5 minutes to answer and will be thinking mostly off-the-cuff, so the answers I offer are my initial thoughts and aren't meant to be as comprehensive and thorough as my writing. However, I'm hoping the short visual format will entice more of you to watch and get a nugget of wisdom that is helpful to you or broadens your awareness. Also, I've decided to keep the questioner's identity anonymous and as such, my answers will not be catered to the individual who is asking but rather address the topic in a more general way. Note that my answers are not considered treatment or a substitute for treatment. ENJOY and PLEASE SHARE with your friends if you find the video meaningful. Thank you!

TODAY'S QUESTION: It’s important to me to be authentic with people, to be open about my feelings, thoughts, and opinions, and to show my vulnerability because I think that’s a good thing for more people to show. But, sometimes I share my genuine experience with others and they meet me with judgment or their own stuff or I just don’t feel heard or understood. What should I do? And, am I over-sharing?

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