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Until Lisa, I had never received this quality of uplift and assistance, which has led to profound, life-altering change. 


You may be here because you are looking for...

  • Customized guidance and collaborative coaching around how to build or rebuild emotional intimacy—a deeper sense of closeness and connection—your partner from a trusted advisor and fellow intimacy traveler, someone who understands the subtleties of relationship communication, the edginess of conflict, and the need to be your most empowered, free self in relationship while also caring for your unique nervous system. >>Learn more here


  • Attunement, mirroring, and guidance from a woman who understands first-hand the intricacies and delicacies of what it’s like to live in this world as a highly sensitive person in all its joys and challenges, someone who can walk alongside you as a trusted companion, offering you a felt sense of loving presence and unwavering belief in your deepest nature and its unfolding, all the while offering you tools to craft your life in a way that invites you to thrive. >>Learn more here


  • Extra personal and/or supervisory support for you as a therapist, coach, or healer because though you’re used to being in the role of helper for others, you realize that you don’t get enough support for your feelings, experiences, and challenges either personally and/or professionally; You need someone who “gets it,” someone with awareness, experience, and maturity who knows what it’s like on both sides of the helper / helpee dynamic, but can see a few steps ahead of where you’re at in this critical time in your own unfolding. >>Learn more here

My style includes a unique set of qualities and skill sets

You'll experience the encouragement, focus, and belief of a coach, the wisdom of an educator, the intuition of a highly sensitive person, the sharp mind of a scholar, the mystery of a dream weaver, and the humor, authenticity, and compassion of a trusted companion.

What I Do:

As an international women's consultant, my approach is to work with clients on targeted issues in highly collaborative one-on-one sessions.

I educate, advise, and guide women utilizing my extensive training in process-oriented psychology along with my specializations in emotional intimacy and high sensitivity.

I focus on increasing clients' self-awareness, self-love, personal power, freedom, confidence, sense of meaning, and ability to engage in emotionally intimate relationships.

What You Do:

Clients commit to bringing to each and every session
1-2 central questions they want my help with or issues of interest or challenge in their life.

Topics include:


  • relationships, conflict, communication, and emotional intimacy

  • being a highly sensitive person and how that impacts one's life

  • personal and/or supervisory support for therapists, coaches, and healers 

What I Offer:

I offer short-term and intermittent sessions to an international clientele.

Sessions may be scheduled as one-off's as needed or in a package of 4 sessions (biweekly for two months or monthly for four months,
as available).

Note: If you are looking for weekly sessions or a more traditional therapy-style approach I am happy to refer you to one of my trusted colleagues.

Who I Work With

I enjoy working with women from all over the world including the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Israel, India, Poland,
the United Kingdom, and Mexico.

All racial and ethnic backgrounds and sexual orientations
are celebrated and welcomed.

The work I do is most impactful for clients who...

  • are eager for intentional, focused, and highly collaborative sessions as opposed to a more traditional therapy-style of working where space-holding and general checking-in are more commonly emphasized

  • come to sessions prepared with 1-2 issues of interest or difficulty—places where they need more confidence, insight, meaning, or empowerment and less shame

  • are motivated to expand their self-awareness and self-expression

  • desire growth and change and are open to challenging their old belief systems

  • are open to learning about both their conscious and unconscious communication, beliefs, and behaviors

  • enjoy exploring and learning through in-depth dialogue, role play, night-time dreams, guided inner work, inner feedback, intuition, and somatic unfolding

My work is best for those who wish to explore...

  • Emotional intimacy in relationship: conflict, communication, different styles or personalities than your partner, empowerment, voice, inner criticism and other internalized oppressions, breaking free from personal history and familial patterns

  • Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) in the world: learning the ways in which you are sensitive, building awareness, boundaries, and ways of caring for your sensitivities, learning how to engage in relationships and work given your sensitivities, embracing your true nature and becoming your more embodied and empowered self

  • Personal and/or supervisory support for therapists, coaches, and healers: enhancing and empowering your work with your own clients, getting the internal and/or relationship support you need, working on specific difficult client cases, helping you through an advanced degree program, or any special combination of personal and professional needs that arise

My work is not best for those who wish to focus primarily on...

  • Trauma (childhood or adult): While childhood or adult trauma (any form of abuse, rape, PTSD) may come up in our work in certain contexts and may be part of our work, if your interest is specifically in working on trauma, I can refer you to one of my trusted colleagues who focuses on this.

  • Body and Health Challenges: If you are particularly interested in working on chronic or acute body symptoms and illnesses, body shame, or other issues related to your body and/or health, I can refer you to one of my trusted colleagues who specializes in these areas.


I am an independent consultant, not a licensed therapist. I am unable to work with those who have at any point been hospitalized for or diagnosed with bipolar and related disorders, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, or borderline, narcissistic, or other personality disorders.


If my style and approach above resonates for you, I offer a free 20–30 minute Zoom consultation before proceeding to make sure we are a good fit.

1 Session


1 hr. session


Payment via PayPal

Payment required at least 2 business days prior to session.


4 Sessions


1 hr. sessions
bi-weekly or monthly


Payment via PayPal

Payment for 4-session package required in full at least 2 business days prior to first session.

Must be used within 6 months of purchase.


“Lisa has been, without a doubt, the most healing therapeutic practitioner I have encountered in my 61+ years. She is deeply compassionate, insightful, present. She has been profoundly loving and supportive in a way I honestly had never encountered previously. I feel such respect and gratitude for her.” 


“Working with Lisa, I experienced maximum empathy and trust. She helped me connect to root causes on a deep level and find the inner resources to proceed from there. Over my lifetime I have seen seven professional therapists of various brands, from social workers to psychiatrists. Until Lisa, I had never received this quality of uplift and assistance, which has led to profound, life-altering change.” 

“Our sessions with Lisa are an inspiring, intimate invitation to deepen our loving for one another. She is an astutely skilled listener, meticulous in how she ensures the space for each of us to explore important threads more deeply, tracking what emerges in awareness in an organic way with effortless, sensitive flow. She hones in on what is present with enveloping compassion, loving curiosity, and brilliant insight. We are often surprised and deeply touched by what we share and discover together. We consider it a privilege and great joy for us to work with Lisa.” 


“Lisa is not only highly skilled—she is a kind and compassionate person who is truly nurturing during significant life events. I highly recommend Lisa.”



“I always experience Lisa as open and deeply authentic. She has helped me explore the connection between the “normalization” of shocking times in my life and a deeply internalized question of worthiness. With just a few intuitive and powerful words, Lisa helps me change my perception of my experiences and leads me into a place where I trust, accept, and love myself.”


“I’ve seen many therapists over the years, and I had almost given up on it altogether because the process felt dreary, forced, and superficial. But in my first few sessions with Lisa, I made so much progress, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; it still continues to surprise me. She guides me by flashing ‘lights’ of wisdom, strength, and love in my direction with a holistic clarity that helps me find a way back
to my true self.”


“I love Lisa Blair! She journeys with me. That says volumes. Her kindness, sincerity, awareness, and full-on presence (over the phone!) is helping me to make peace with lots of trauma. She is a gift to my SOUL.”


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