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Highly Sensitive People

When the Sensitive Woman receives the right kind of witnessing, she blossoms in the most exquisite and unique way. Her beauty, intelligence, and power shine through, inviting all who come near her to regard her with awe, wonder, and reverence. 

Are you a highly sensitive person?

What does it mean to be a highly sensitive person?

High Sensitivity is not a diagnosis. It is not a disorder. There is nothing wrong with you. Though, many HSP's carry shame around their experiences. Shame that came from others misunderstanding or criticizing them for being "too sensitive" or from a society that de-values vulnerability, relational awareness, depth of feeling, and more intuitive ways of knowing and being.

High sensitivity is a trait (see Dr. Elaine Aron’s work) that naturally occurs in 15-20% of both human and animal populations. It is roughly equal occurring in women and men and though HSP’s are often also introverts and empaths, these terms are not synonymous with being an HSP. Aspects of both overlap with high sensitivity, but not all HSP’s are introverts and HSP’s experience empathy across a wide spectrum.

You may already identify as a highly sensitive person (HSP) or this may be the first time you’re hearing the term, but something inside of You has always felt more sensitive than most everyone around you.

Experiences that may indicate you are a highly sensitive person...

  • You need more time than others to mull things over, to digest your feelings and experiences in a slower way. You take days to internally process a conflict (large or small) that your partner, friend, or family member may have recovered from within a matter of minutes or hours. You “overthink” past or potential future conversations in relationship with others because the subtleties of all the signals you are navigating require your care and attention.

  • You feel most well when you have space to enjoy your creative life. You thrive when you’re living out of a profound sense of inspiration, when creative ideas spontaneously pop up inside you, offering interesting or unusual “solutions” to the problems you face or your next steps in life. You get happily lost in the details and sometimes others refer to you as a perfectionist.

  • You have strong emotional responses to both the positive and negative feedback you receive from others. You feel joy, excitement, or engagement at a higher level or vibration than most others seem to and sometimes you can’t understand why others don't feel similarly. You identify as a “cryer”—tears come readily and easily to you for all sorts of experiences in life.

  • You may regularly feel anxious or overwhelmed especially when it comes to chaotic situations, crowds of people, unexpected changes in plans, or deadlines. Bright lights, strong smells, or loud sounds (or all of the above) feel especially annoying, exhausting, or even agonizing and you avoid them whenever possible.

  • You gravitate towards people who feel “like you.” You immediately sense another Highly Sensitive Person when you meet them, relaxed and joyful to know you belong to the same tribe.

  • You empathize easily with humans, animals, and plants—especially with their suffering—and at times, this can feel overwhelming, exhausting, or even scary. But, you delight in the wonders of Nature and feel free and happy in the safety and interconnectedness of the magical Web of Life.

  • Other people’s moods and emotions impact you strongly (especially unexpressed or repressed hostility or aggression) and you pick up on these atmospheres well before others do or when no one else seems to notice. Thus, you may have trouble making Boundaries because you either empathize with how your “no” will land in the other person or because the other person’s reaction may feel too difficult for you to process.

  • You have chronic body symptoms and experiences such as allergies, rashes, pain, fatigue, and environmental, chemical, or electrical sensitivities.

For some, being a Highly Sensitive Person can at times feel like a curse or a chronic limitation. You may feel like there are things you just can’t do because they are “too much” for you. Or people have criticized you for being “too sensitive” and so you feel ashamed of your feeling Life, of who you are, and wish you were different. 


But being an HSP can also feel like a precious gift. Your unique brand of sensitivity may offer You an expansive Creative Life in art, music, or movement whether you pursue those things professionally or simply as nourishing parts of your daily Life. You may enjoy a rich emotional Life, able to form deep, lasting relationships with others filled with the right mix of Vulnerability, Joy, Play, and Connectedness. You may enjoy a rich inner Life and a bountiful imagination that serves as a wellspring for endless exploring and expression.


Regardless of how your sensitivity expresses itself, I believe in you. Perhaps more than you currently believe in yourself. I believe that you hold innate gifts that are longing to be expressed and that have specifically chosen you to express them. I believe you are powerful, beyond your wildest dreams, whether that Power expresses itself in a more outer way—directly, fiercely, boldly—or in a more inner way—quietly, receptively, fluidly—and everything in between.  

What you can expect in our sessions...

Being an HSP myself, I combine my sensitivity + my Intuition + my training in process-oriented psychology to allow me to tune into your unique frequency.

By sensing you and your Vibration, we will co-create an atmosphere that mirrors back your Nature, that invites your truest, deepest Self to emerge within the space of our Sacred Container. I will pace myself to you in tone, timing, and cadence, closely follow your feedback while gently breathing oxygen, so to speak, into the emerging embers of the light that is you, allowing your Nature to catch fire and Thrive.


Don’t worry, it’s not a woo-woo as it may sound. What I’m describing is my normal and intuitive way of working. For you, our sessions may feel more like an ongoing conversation or what one of my client’s calls “a visit”. For others it may feel more like what they imagine “therapy” to feel like. In all cases, you will find that I am deeply present with you at all times.

You may start to notice that...

Your chronic inner voice of criticism is quieter and you have more Empowered responses to its harsh treatment.

You feel a renewed sense of confidence in who you are. Your Creative Life in all its forms feels inspired and exciting.

You have more access to your Intuition and deep inner wisdom.

Your relationships feel more nourishing and satisfying because you are able to get your needs met and set Boundaries that care for you. You feel more visible and respected by others.

You approach your emotional and physical well-being as a precious endeavor, feeling deserving rather than unworthy of receiving the best care for yourself inside and out. You begin to see clearly that when you are thriving as your True Self and offering your unique Medicine, you are giving the world a gift that only you can give. Ultimately, you realize the incredible value of your Presence on this planet.

What clients are saying...

“With Lisa, I have found a warm, skillful and intelligent guide, who has helped me become more of an ally to myself. In our co-created, collaborative sessions, a kind of real-time practice in healthy communication and intimate relating occurs. Our sessions are a non-shaming space in which I feel safe enough to open up honestly to my difficulties with greater awareness. I find myself relaxing more fully into my human-ness, while also seeing practical possibilities for transformative development. I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you, Lisa.”


“With Lisa, I started to see much more light in my life than ever before. She appreciates the most secret, pure, and delicate places of my heart.”



If my style and approach above resonates for you, I offer a free 20–30 minute Zoom consultation before proceeding to make sure we are a good fit.

1 Session


1 hr. session


Payment via PayPal

Payment required at least 2 business days prior to session.


4 Sessions


1 hr. sessions
bi-weekly or monthly


Payment via PayPal

Payment for 4-session package required in full at least 2 business days prior to first session.

Must be used within 6 months of purchase.

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