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  • Lisa Blair, M.A.

Therapy Under Five: Empowerment

Many of us, especially us women-identified folk, knowingly struggle with feeling disempowered in our lives, but we may not have the first thought about how to become a more empowered person. This is what I begin to address in today’s "Therapy Under Five" video using this question from a client: I want to feel more empowered in my life as a woman. What do you suggest I do to help make that happen?

Oh my, this topic is so rich and complex and unique to each person! I could talk gobs about it since it really crosses over with so many other important topics such as internalized sexism, inner criticism, shame, embracing our idiosyncratic selves, and whatever unique sticky spot we are each in that keeps us from our birthright of living a fully empowered life. Alas, this video touches on these topics and perhaps more videos will arise to expand on this further in the future!

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